Sealcoating is a thin layer of asphalt treatment that serves as a barrier against harmful natural elements that may deteriorate pavement over time. Seal coating is essential to properly maintain your asphalt surfaces. This application protects against a number of deteriorating effects from salt, water, weather, ultraviolet ray heat, and chemical corrosion. 

Sealcoat is applied as a routine maintenance service and provides a number of benefits. Some of these include the following:

1. Beautification: sealcoating applies a fresh, black finish that improves the appearance of your property.

2. Cost-efficiency: sealcoating is only a fraction of the cost of a complete overlay. This method extends the life of your asphalt at a minimal price.

3. Minimizes harmful penetration: moisture, chemical corrosion, heat, and water can contribute to the deterioration of asphalt. Sealcoating fills the voids in the minerals of the asphalt to minimize damage caused by these harmful elements. 

4. Easier maintenance: sealcoating makes the surface easier to clean sand, dirt, and debris.

After a thorough cleaning of debris, our experts will begin the sealcoating process. This method is completed by applying sealer as a spray or with a squeegee. Trimming along buildings, curbs, landscaping is completed beforehand to ensure the beauty of your property. 

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